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Applied Stock Trading & Investing Certification

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Applied Stock Trading & Investing Certification

Stock trading and investing involves developing a number of different skills that enables one to successfully select stocks and purchase them within the context of an overall portfolio whilst also considering aspects such as exact trade execution and leverage.

You will learn how to identify market inefficiencies, recognise patterns, and make trades at optimal timing for trade success – profitability. Success in this arena relies on an understanding of both technical and fundamental analysis as well as behavioural finance and market sentiment. You will learn how to professionally create a clearly defined trading strategy taking into account various market conditions and how to contingency plan as active trades are in motion. This online programme from Johnson Trading Group aims to equip you with a comprehensive understanding of the key areas that drive successful trading strategies as seen at institutions such as hedge funds, and ensures you receive a grounded introduction to financial theory and behavioural finance. Over the course of 12 weeks, you’ll learn key principles established by our Programme Director Alexander Johnson. You’ll also discover how to act on news and identify early onset trends. This analytical power when correctly timed will help you gain the ability to act on key evaluation criteria.




US Stock Market

One of the most market worthy trading courses I’ve ever seen

Robert Gray, Part-Time Trader

Throughout this programme, you’ll observe the use of successful trading and investment strategies in a highly practical manner. You will learn to confidently interpret the current state of the market on any given trading day, and see how to react as the trading day unfolds. You’ll not only gain insights into the risk factors surrounding various trading strategies, you’ll also walk away with a framework of rules created by Alexander Johnson specifically for this programme, that act as a guide for creating or evaluating trading opportunities. Develop an up-to-date understanding of the latest trends in the markets, and explore other avenues for growth such as angel investing on algorithmic trading systems.

  • Welcome to the World of TradingThis is your first module and I’ve got good news for you - you’re already in the midst of completing it! These first few lessons are very much the ground work you must do before we start building a skyscraper of knowledge. We’ll be looking at How to Manage Your Time During the Course, so that you can make the most of your time, and setting out your Mission & Principles - the guiding ethos you will use over the course of study.
  • Essential KnowledgeIf this module is your ground work, then Essential Knowledge will form your foundations. Here’s where the real study of trading begins: with vital introductions to some of the core ideas in trading. In Trader Talk, you’ll learn some of the key phrases from the world of trading. In Market Analysis you’ll discover two opposing approaches to understanding the market, and get your first chance to think about what works best for you. You’ll learn about The Economic Theory and Dow Theory, and see how they interact with market analysis. In Your First Decisions as a Trader, you’ll start to engage fully with your future in trading - looking at different decisions that will set your trading mentality as you go forward. We’ll also look at Trading Mistakes, and How to Avoid Them, busting a few myths and making sure you avoid some rookie errors as you start your journey.
  • Individual PsychologyOnce you’ve got a firm grasp of the basics of trading, we can begin to focus on preparing you for the industry on a more individualistic level. Our psychology module examines a number of facets regarding a strong mindset, which is the most important thing a trader can have. We’ll ask Why Trading?, looking both at the benefits of the industry, but also the misconceptions people have about trading. In The Reality, we’ll look at the truth of the process, and come to understand what it actually means to be a trader. Trading with Freud doesn’t mean you’ll be learning how to deal with your mother as you trade - instead we’ll be looking into what the great man’s insights have to say about being successful in this field. Natural Born Losers will focus on creating a winning mindset, and how to avoid being tripped up along the way. Finally, in Profit is Addictive, we’ll look at the responsible ways we can protect ourselves whilst trading.
  • Setting UpNext, you’ll begin to create your life as a trader. In The Trader’s Habitat we look at the importance of your working space, and examine in depth the best options. Picking Key Partners will investigate what you should be looking for in the people you work with whilst trading. Doing this well is one of the secrets to success! In Starting Small we’ll look at how great trading portfolios are built up from nothing. I’m a firm believer in mentors, and in Mentorship & Guidance we’ll look at how you can begin to source sage advice from trusted friends. And, lastly, we’ll have a moment of stark realisation: that in trading, The More You Learn, The Less You Know.
  • Mass PsychologyAs we close in on the practicality of trading, Mass Psychology will see you learn the art of anticipation. In What is Price? And What is Market?, you’ll look into the fundamentals of each subject, and begin to understand the variables that will affect your trading. The Trading Game delves further into this, and asks how we learn to win. A big part of playing the game is understanding what happens next, and in Managing vs. Forecasting, you’ll explore this. In The Psychology of Trends, you’ll discover how to better read the market based on mass psychology, before focusing more deeply on Crowd Mentality to round the module off.
  • Trading VehiclesNow onto the heavy stuff: here’s where we look at Stocks, ETFs, CFDs, Futures, Forex and Options. Each module will give you the essentials, and provide valuable trading insight that will help you master the markets.
  • Technical AnalysisHaving looked into technical and fundamental analysis during the Essential Knowledge module, you will begin to explore these areas in more depth. Our Technical Analysis module will look at a number of important ways to study the market, starting with Charting and Support and Resistance. You’ll learn about Trends and Trading Ranges, and discover what Kangaroo Tails are, and why they are viewed as powerful catalysts. You’ll look at Manipulators and Purists, as well as Powers and Limitations.
  • Fundamental Analysis BasicsAfter learning about technical analysis, you’ll dedicate yourself to two weeks studying its counterpart. We’ll start by Introducing Fundamental Analysis, before focusing on How We Measure Success. There’ll be a lesson on Categorizing Stock, and you’ll learn to ask How is the Company Doing? before committing to a trade.
  • Advanced Fundamental Analysis
  • Risk ManagementA key part of any trader’s life is dealing with. Here, you’ll look at the Emotions and Rollercoasters of trading, and how to understand and work with them. In Risk Mentality you’ll examine the psychology needed to operate alongside risk, and in The Risk Split you’ll look at ways of mitigating it. We’ll look at what risk really does to you and your investments in The True Meaning of Risk, before examining the benefits of Allocating Capital with Odds Management.
  • Emotional ConsistencyOur Emotional Consistency module will revisit mentality from a more established trading standpoint. In Clear & Concise, you’ll learn the benefits of keeping a minimalistic approach to your decision making. The Evolution of Human Emotions will examine how your mindset will develop as you trade more - something you’ll learn about in more depth in both How Winning Changes Us and How Losing Changes Us. Training the Mind for Consistency will focus on preparing you for the long haul - ensuring your trading is successful every day, every week, every month.
  • Trade ExecutionIt is important that you understand how to best execute your trades, so this module will begin with a lesson in Market Setting & Interpretation, followed by an examination of Portfolio Theory. We’ll look at the importance of Liquidity, and in Know The Win/Know The Lose, discuss the importance of understanding each trade’s ultimate end. You’ll learn How to Set Up Stops and about Scanning Methods, as well as how to make Ruthless Cuts. Position Sizing will help you understand where you stand in the market with each trade.
  • Recorded & StructuredA late-stage extension of the work you’ll already have done in mindset, Recorded & Structured looks at the importance of keeping yourself organized in your work. In Your Daily Structure, you’ll look at how you should change your focus throughout the day. We’ll look at why you should be keeping a Trade Journal, and how it will help enable Trade Reflection, allowing you greater insight into your successes, and the ability to utilize Contingency Planning Within Trades.
  • Booms & BustsOur timely module Booms & Busts is a practical guide to trading during market uncertainty. We’ll look at how The Business Cycle will affect your approach to the market. In Stock Markets & Politics you’ll discover how the political world both at home and abroad can influence the business cycle. Predicting Trends & Reactions will allow you to understand how you can use your awareness of the markets and observations of current affairs to guide your trading, whilst Historical Panics & Crashes draws fascinating insights from the recessions that have come before us.
  • Value Investing in US StocksOur final module examines value investing. Starting with Creating a Portfolio, you’ll learn the ins-and-outs of this approach to trading. You’ll learn how Security Analysis provides you with the data you need to progress to Stock Selection. You’ll discover the role Shareholders & Management have to play, and finish by focusing on creating a Margin of Safety, and Trading & Predicting to get the most out of your value investments.

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Our Approach
Our Method
How You'll Learn
How We Deliver Value

Our Approach

  • Highly Practical: so you can hit the ground running
  • One specific way of trading: Specialism
  • Only Focussed on US stocks – less distractions
  • Not Day Trading – is why most traders fail

The US stock market has high levels of liquidity and regulation. It is for this purpose that we specialise our traders within this market. We then focus them on trading strategies which encompass a portfolio approach which means that both fundamentals and technicals are considered within the context of market behaviour. The only way to beat a computer is with a better grasp of market sentiment and behavioural finance. This combined with a highly opportunity driven strategy enable a blend of short and medium term trading strategies to be intelligently pursued.


Our Method

Our Programme Director has designed programmes taught at Oxford University as well as for large corporations and for conferences. His expertise not only within trading but also within academia makes him a well composed blend of skills for delivering this programme with maximum effectiveness for you as a student.

The learning process can be broken down into three simple steps:

  1. Value Absorption
  2. Trial & Challenge
  3. Implement & Journal

his process must then be repeated so that the knowledge that goes into our short term memory can be better retained for longer term use. This is why this course is so incredibly practical. You must use the skills you obtain with immediate effect and it is for this reason that you are encouraged from even just week 5 of the course to begin opening your trading account and working with real money.

The journalling aspect also allows a type of self reflection. This combined with forming trader communities is what ascends a trader to a higher level.

How You'll Learn

The programme is broken down into manageable, weekly modules, designed to accelerate your learning process through diverse learning activities:

  • Work through your downloadable and online instructional material
  • Interact with your trading coordinator and learning facilitators through weekly trading journals which are reviewed and mentoring discussions
  • Enjoy a wide range of interactive content, including video lectures, infographics, live polls, and more
  • Investigate rich, real-world case studies
  • Apply what you learn each week to quizzes and ongoing submissions, culminating in a certificate of attendance from Johnson Trading Group

How We Deliver Value

This course has been formulated to make sure that you have all of the skills to become a well rounded and strategic financial markets trader. In order to achieve this we have created content in a digestible format which takes into account the different ways in which people best learn.

  • Online Learning Platform: A fully immersive space online where you can learn at your own pace and track your progress . Track your progress and test your skills in action.
  • 16+ Hours of Video Content: Easy to digest and allowing the clear communication of concepts so that they can be best absorbed. 
  • 16 Modules: In order to take someone from the very beginning to being able to trade independently.
  • 30 Insights with real traders: Learn from a panel of different traders as they share their insights and techniques.