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How you will learn

The programme is broken down into manageable, weekly modules, designed to accelerate your learning process through diverse learning activities:

  • Work through your downloadable and online instructional material.
  • Interact with your trading coordinator and learning facilitators through weekly trading journal submissions which are then reviewed and feedback provided.
  • Enjoy a wide range of interactive content, including video lectures, infographics, and more
  • Investigate rich, real-world case studies
  • Apply what you learn each week to quizzes and ongoing submissions, culminating in a certificate of attendance from Johnson Trading Group.

Technical Requirements

Basic Requirements

To complete a programme, you’ll need a current email account and access to a computer and the internet, as well as a PDF reader and Excel.You may need to view Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, and read and create documents in Microsoft Word, or similar programmes

Browser requirements

We recommend that you use Google Chrome as your internet browser when accessing the Online Campus. Although this is not a requirement, we have found that this browser performs best for ease of access to programme material.

Additional requirements

Certain elements of the programme may require additional software and resources. These additional software and resource requirements will be communicated to you upon registration and/or at the beginning of the programme. Please note that Google, Vimeo, and YouTube may be used in our programme delivery, and if these services are blocked in your jurisdiction, you may have difficulty in accessing programme content. Please check with a Programme Consultant before registering for this programme if you have any concerns about this affecting your experience with the Online Campus.

Commitment – Week 1

You make a commitment of your time, energy and money to a professional trading programme to pick up the essential knowledge of techniques, frameworks and strategies.

Collaboration – week 4

Working with our team you will experience live trades and learn from how others have reacted whilst also opening your own trading account with real money. Real stakes combined with a rules based approach.

Execute – week 6

Tailor your trading strategy and plan with a journal and using data-driven strategies which are proven. Place the trades and the real learning begins.

Assessment – week 8

Monitor and track your performance and see how you get on. Analyse for improvement and see how you could have done better. Go back to the original formula and cross examine.

Adapt – week 10

With new knowledge and trades that went well and went badly you learn the vital art of adapting and then overcoming. Your personal evolution means owning responsibility over how you could have done better.

Patience – week 12

You have now completed the course, have your trading setup at home and are now functioning as a trader. Give yourself time to learn to read the market and just keep making micro-improvement and trust in the proven frameworks we have given.